Through import and export, we develop each other’s business and bring happiness to people’s lifestyle.

We continue to hold this mission close to our hearts as we conduct our business.

Revolution is happening in various fields and is changing at fast speed. Energy revolution with shale gas, medical revolution with regenerative medicine, 3D printer revolution, material revolution, IT innovation and so on.

One of the most important revolutions is the “Distribution revolution”. Borders between countries are starting to disappear, where people commonly purchase products from foreign countries and domestic companies selling products outside of Japan.

Japan has been a closed country for a while and various problems are beginning to occur. For example, one of the problem is the decline of small and medium-sized business in spite of the splendid products and techniques they have. There are several factors like the aging of craftsman, lack of successors, low wage, etc. However, this distribution revolution will provide new possibilities.

What will happen if companies sell products not only within Japan, but also outside of Japan? The market will open from a population of 120milion to 7 billion of the whole world. In fact, there are many companies which has recovered by selling their products abroad.

With the increase of sales, companies can secure employment and pay higher wage. Employees would feel great significance of their work, and talented people would gather naturally. Development of companies will lead to the development of the whole industry. This also leads to the local government earning more tax, which is connected to the sustainable development of the whole country.

How about customers who actually purchase the products? They are now able to purchase splendid products from around the world at an appropriate price and realize the better lifestyle. With the interactive activities beyond the border, both importers and exporters will receive benefits to each other.

Based on this background, we advocated a mission; "Through import and export, we develop each other’s business and bring happiness to people’s lifestyle".